ASI’s Innovation & New Products Division The goal of ASI’s Innovation & New Products Division (INPD), based out of the Orange Park, FL office, is to identify and seamlessly connect ASI divisions with innovative processes and new technology to create advanced logistics support solutions to improve customer performance, satisfaction, and expand into new markets by: • Building teammate capability with leading-edge technology • Delivering new technologies to supportability teammates • Providing solutions-based consultation ASI’s Innovative New Products Division has recently brought leading-edge technology to aircraft maintenance by implementing its Artificial Intelligence Prognostic Steering™ (AIPS) solution to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program improving maintenance response times, reducing costs, and improving safety.

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Andromeda Systems Incorporated





615 Lynnhaven Parkway Suit 104

Virginia Beach, VA 23452
United States Minor Outlying Islands

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615 Lynnhaven Parkway Suit 104
Virginia Beach, VA 23452 United States Minor Outlying Islands
Phone: 9044046863


330 Crossing Boulevard Suite 300
Orange Park, FL 32073 United States
Phone: 904.342.5747

330 Crossing Boulevard Suite 300
Orange Park, FL 32073 United States
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Maintenance time and logistical delays drive high sustainment costs across any maintenance environment. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning can automate the analysis in order to optimize maintenance planning, scheduling, and execution. AIPS was developed with a wide variety of applications in mind, virtually any maintenance environment where the point of performance data is collected. Air, Land, and Sea Defense Transportation Energy Commercial Stand-Alone AIPS can be utilized as a Stand-Alone application in support of existing Maintenance Management Systems Embedded in Existing MMS AIPS can be embedded within an existing Maintenance Management System AIPS provides this automation and is scalable to diverse data structures and advanced optimization. Available as a stand-alone or integrated within an existing maintenance management system, AIPS provides the most current analysis of the most recent data available. Machine Learning – and AI – are the implementation of statistical models and techniques within an information system architecture that enables iterative: Collection of new data Machine-driven adjustment of the model parameters to improve performance In similar fashion to most engineering work, developing a machine learning algorithm involves: Structuring the problem in a way that it can be addressed by one (or a combination of) the tools available. Every needs to be turned into one of a finite set of structures so it can be processed using an existing tool – it needs to be structured into either a nail, a screw, a bolt, or a fastener. Processing the raw data to clean, extract, and identify the relevant features. Feeding the subset of the processed data into a mathematical model. Adjusting the model parameters to optimize its performance against a separate subset of test data. Developing an information system that allows for the periodic retraining of the model.

OptiAM® and Honeywell Voice Solution combined with ASI’s expertise in the field of Maintenance and Supportability are set to revolutionize maintenance and inspection procedures, allowing for better documentation and data quality. The partnership will utilize the Voice Solutions platform as a module on our OptiAM® maintenance management software package. This collaboration will enhance the OptiAM® software package by providing a voice-directed maintenance and inspection checklist feature, assisting technicians with “at the point of performance” task completion. Since the task of documenting maintenance and inspection results can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. Workers are continually interrupted with multi-step paperwork, clumsy technical manuals, inefficient workflow, and cumbersome data entry procedures. Mobile support hardware, such as tablets and tough books are not well-suited for dirty, busy hand environments. OptiAM® is a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software system centered on supportability analysis and the integration of asset management, PSA data, and decision support tools. OptiAM® is designed around a standards-based architecture (ISO 55000, SAE JA1011, GEIA-STD-0007B, ASD S1000D, and others) and interfaces making it easy to use and implement. OptiAM® and Honeywell Voice Solutions bring product support processes and maintenance planning/execution into one system facilitating continuous improvement. OptiAM® | Honeywell Voice Solutions integration will leverage powerful predictive analytics and mobile technology to convert data into actionable knowledge to optimize asset performance. This also enables seamless connectivity, data exchange, and interoperability across the value chain by leveraging the capabilities of OptiAM® with the power of Honeywell’s Voice Solution.

ADVISOR is an Asset Inspection Inventory & Tracking technology that provides a multitude of visual and RFID asset tracking, surveying, inventory and monitoring capabilities to address numerous commercial and government industries. Coupled with ASI’s Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) OptiAM™ this technology delivers an optimized asset tracking and inventory control process increasing data accuracy and productivity while reducing vital resource dependencies. ADVISOR will optimize your asset and inventory tracking accuracy and efficiency while reducing manhours and cost.