For over 40 years, COT Computer OEM Trading GmbH has been a premier provider of printing and AIDC solutions, successfully serving large- and medium-sized companies in nearly all industrial and commercial market sectors. With its IT components and customer-specific solutions in logistics and manufacturing, COT supports its customers with the integration of thermal transfer printers, mobility, RFID components and mobile workstations. COT offers innovative state-of-the-art solutions to support the idea of IoT. Customized software and interfaces enable connectivity to various ERP systems (i.e. SAP systems). COT is in the position to meet even sophisticated project requirements utilizing its own products. In addition COT produces individual labels of any size and quantity for various applications. As a specialist in providing complete system solutions, COT completes the product line with on-site service, telephone support, carry-in service and a spare parts store.

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COT Computer OEM Trading GmbH


+49 6071 927 0



Gueterstrasse 5 -

Dieburg, Germany 64807

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Gueterstrasse 5 -
Dieburg, Germany 64807 Germany
Phone: +49 6071 927 0