Established in 1988, EXA Systems specializes in product identification systems, wireless RFID data capture, as well as in product validation systems. Through our presence in various manufacturing sectors and with our experience in product management, EXA Systems has developed the expertise necessary to create efficient and viable solutions. OUR STRATEGY Over the years, EXA Systems has developed an extensive network with industry leaders, allowing us to offer our clients solutions that implement the latest in cutting-edge technology. OUR MISSION Our mission is to help companies improve their efficiency, their performance and the quality of their services. 4 offices througout Canada MONTREAL, VANCOUVER, SHERBROOKE AND TORONTO

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EXA Systems Inc.





2626 Sabourin -

St-Laurent, QC H4S 1M2

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2626 Sabourin -
St-Laurent, QC H4S 1M2 Canada
Phone: 1.800.EXA.5383


2626 Sabourin
St-Laurent, Quebec H4S 1M2 Canada
Phone: 514-333-3116

2626 Sabourin
St-Laurent, QC H4S 1M2 Canada
Phone: 514-333-3116 ext.307




Because of number of transactions a company could perform during a single shift, we cannot stress enough how important it is to perform a thorough site survey. A wireless site survey, also called a RF site survey is crucial of any companies who needs to use handheld computers, VoiP phones or any wifi devices. The goal of the survey is the process of planning and designing a wireless network, to provide a wireless solution that will deliver the required wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and Quality of Service (QoS). The survey usually involves a site visit to test for RF interference, and to identify optimum installation locations for access points. This requires analysis of building floor plans, inspection of the facility, and use of site survey tools. Interviews with IT management and the end users of the wireless network are also important to determine the design parameters for the wireless network.

Peu importe votre secteur, la taille de votre entreprise, le niveau de service nécessaire, EXA vous propose les services d’assistance qui répondent à vos besoins. Nous vous offrons les services de réparation complets qui couvrent les dommages accidentels ou bris mécaniques ainsi que l’entretien préventif pour protéger vos équipements au quotidien. Grâce à une grande variété d’options, vous pouvez choisir l’offre la mieux adaptée à vos besoins d’aujourd’hui et la faire évoluer à votre gré. Vous souhaitez préserver vos imprimantes thermiques? Faites confiance aux services d’assistance EXASmart, c’est tellement simple.